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Some of the Organisations that I have worked with

Healthwatch Selicaie Ignetica

Hi, I'm Bernice and I'm passionate about supporting you to acheive your dream life!

There’s always a story and mine starts after I left the NHS in 2012 and set up my own business to allow me to ditch the 12 hour days, 3 hours commute and ongoing challenges I met on a day to day basis to allow me to be there for my family!


After spending many years managing staff and leading on some of the largest projects that the NHS had seen, I had first hand experience of what the demands of never-ending pressure could do to a person.  


This has now helped me to support a number of Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals and Organisations to achieve their business goals whilst balancing it with their personal life!


I can comfortably say that I do not find anything more satisfying than being able to provide support to people whilst I know that they are off enjoying their family holiday, working on a new business venture or generally enjoying some free time.


I’d love to speak to you about how I can help you to achieve this balance, so please feel free to connect with me.


Looking forward to speaking to you soon!



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