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By Bernice Crawshaw, Jan 12 2018 02:27PM

Whether you are a selling products on line, providing services to other businesses or you have a store in your local Town, it is likely that somebody somewhere will have provided an opinion on your service somewhere on the internet.

Most digital platforms give customers the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they received with the ability for the business owner to respond .

The more generic websites such as Yelp and Google, (for the purpose of this article I am presuming that you have registered your business on these free platforms, if not, please get in touch?!) now also monitor your response rate, just like Trip Advisor as part of its performance dashboard.

So why don't you respond to comments or reviews? Is it a like of time? Do you not quite know how to handle the negative comments?

Here are four reasons why you should be responding to Customer Feedback today!

1. Increase Leads

Trip Advisor recently reported that Businesses who responded to reviews grew at double the rate than those who did not reply to any comments or reviews. Looking particularly at the Hotel Industry, customers stated that they “felt that it made them feel that the management team cared about their guests” and they felt more inclined to book that accommodation.

Another study looking at businesses that responded to their reviews on Yelp saw a direct correlation of management responses and an increase in views on their website.

2. It demonstrates that you listen to your customers

Responding to customers comments, whether good or bad, demonstrates that you take pride in what you do and are willing to listen to what people say to improve your service. Tell them that you will provide feedback to your staff regarding their comments or thank them for the suggestion.

3. Develops Relationships with Customers

By adding something personal to the comment such as reflecting on the day when they used your service or the particular product they purchased shows that it is not just a standard response and begins to create a relationship with the customer.

4. Promote your Business

Whilst developing the relationship with the customer look for an opportunity in their comments to provide them with some information about other products or future plans for your business. Maybe they have suggested that your website was slow. Tell them about your current work developing a new website which will allow them to interact with you online. Better still, mention the business that is supporting you with this. You never know how many businesses are looking at your comments and feedback too.

The main thing to remember is to keep it professional and friendly.

If you'd like more tips about responding to comments and feedback from customers please get in touch.