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By Bernice Crawshaw, Dec 2 2017 11:56PM

I don’t have any property investments to rely upon for my retirement, but I know a number of Business Owners who do. Neither do I have any holiday homes or cottages that I rent out to guests, but I know a lot of Senior Managers in large public and private organisations who do.

What I do have is first hand experience of what it is like to be under so much pressure that you no longer see the true picture around you. Family movie time on the sofa now involves having a laptop or mobile device to hand, just incase. The leisurely walk through the park is cut short after receiving a phone call that just can’t wait and spontaneous evenings out? They now need to be planned a month in advance using the shared family calendar which also communicates dental appointments and Granny D’s hospital Appointments.

But it’s ok isn’t it? Because when we retire from our busy 12 hour a day jobs, we will have our property investments available to support us to an old age because we worked hard, often late into the night making sure that the money added up and keeping up with the ever-changing Landlord legislation.

And the Section 21 Notice in 2015 certainly made us sit up and notice and so did all of the requirements that came with it.

See how we use the New Tenants Check-in Agreement to comply with Section 21 legislation requirements.

And that is why I do what I do!

I am passionate about working with Entrepreneurs and Professionals who see opportunities and who are not put off by the work that it might involve getting here. I am also passionate about supporting them on a day to day basis to ensure that they comply with all of the legislative requirements to allow them to grab some of that time back that they are currently missing.

After leaving my Senior Management role in the NHS in 2012, I set up my own business providing management and administration support to a range of clients including Estate Agents, Business Centre Owners and Chartered Surveyors. All of these clients had one thing in common. They had property that they had invested in and they needed help to ensure that their investment continued to provide them with a profitable retirement plan.

So, in earlier this year, I was awarded National Landlord Association Accreditation (NLA) to allow me to support my clients with up to date information and legislation to ensure that they are Responsible Landlords and that they have high quality tenants making their properties their homes.

Download your own Essential New Tenancy Check-in Tool

I am not an Agent.

I am however a qualified professional with a wealth of business management and administration knowledge to help me to support you in the day to day running of your property portfolio. I have had excellent success in gaining interest in properties I have advertised on line. I have successfully screened a large number of interested parties to select the ideal tenant for the property. I have undertaken all of the pre-tenancy screening checks, created Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements, developed Tenancy Check-in Document Pack, sent out regular rent statements and undertaken regular six monthly reviews to ensure that there are no surprises at the end of a tenancy.

I have also been the point of contact for tenants to discuss any issues or maintenance jobs to ensure that there is no lack of communication problems between the landlord and the tenant.

All of these tasks have been done. All of these tasks have been done whilst the Landlord, although continuously informed of the current situation, has been building their business, enjoying a game of golf whilst identifying their next opportunity or even whilst they take advantage of their holiday home.

So, is it time for you to start thinking about YOUR time? Is it time to stop feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work these investments are creating and start thinking about living your dream?

How standardised are your processes? Do you know exactly what needs to be given to the tenant by which day?

Download the FREE New Tenant Check-in Agreement now and take the first steps to being ahead of the game!